• The ACT and SAT are the two admission tests used by most colleges and universities in the United States. Most post secondary institutions require prospective students to take one of these exams. The majority of colleges will accept the results from either of these tests, but it is always a good idea to check with specific colleges or universities about test preferences or requirements.

    The PSAT is traditionally taken by Sophomores and Juniors in the month of October. Students who are college bound and would like to take the PSAT can take it as freshmen.

    The ACT and SAT are traditionally taken by Juniors. Big Sky High School administers the ACT for free to all Juniors in the month of April. However, both the SAT and ACT are offered year round outside of the school. Some students may retake the test a number of times if unhappy with their scores. Most Colleges require SAT or ACT scores when you apply during Senior Year of high school.

    Ambitious students may choose to take the ACT and SAT prior to Junior year in order to practice.



  • Sending ACT Scores to Colleges
    During the month of February or March, students will complete the information section of the answer sheet in their English classes. Students may choose up to 4 Colleges and Scholarship agencies in include on their answer sheets. ACT will send your scores to these agencies at no cost. If you do not send your scores initially and choose to do so at a later date, ACT will charge a fee to send your score. You can view your choices at: http://www.actstudent.org/scores/scodes/
    Creating an ACT Account 
    After the March Exam,  students will receive a score report. At this point, students are able to log on to ACT.org and create a profile. They can review their results, access resources and prepare for future ACT Exams. If students plan to take additional ACT exams, and would like to access all of their information in one account, it is critical that they create an account on ACT.org with the information provided from their first set of scores. To sign up for additional exams, students then just need to log into their account and sign up to take the exam again. 

    Visit the ACT website for the Preparing for the ACT: http://media.act.org/documents/preparing.pdf
    Additional Free ACT practice tests can be found at: http://smartaboutcollege.org/high-school/college-planning/junior.jsp

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