• Dual Credit means that you may be able to earn university credit, in addition to high school credit, for a specific high school course. Additional requirements and/or university fees may apply. Please talk to the course teacher or your counselor if you are interested.

    Dual Credit Courses at Big Sky Include: 

    • Accounting 1 (ACTG 101)
    • Intro to Business (BGEN 105S)

    Missoula College Dual Credit/ Early to College Coordinator

    Jordan Patterson 

    Helpful Links:

    Required Tests:
    Some Dual Enrollment Courses may require students to take a placement exam called the Aleks test.To take the ALEKS students should go to here and enter the course code: CMPCT-ARY4F
    They will need to put in a student ID, most students just use their High School ID since many take the assessment before they turn in their application for Dual Credit.