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    Matt Johnson

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    My name is Matt Johnson and this is my 22nd year teaching at Big Sky High School.  I teach technology classes, including Graphic Design 1 & 2, Web Design 1 & 2, Marketing 1, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Weight Training, and I have also taught Personal Finance and Street Law.  Big Sky is the only school I have ever taught at.  I graduated from Anaconda High School and continued my education at The University of Montana.  I also achieved my masters degree in Educational Leadership in 2010 from The University of Montana.

    In my classes, I teach students the basics of computer programs and the elements of design, but also the soft skills they will need to know to be successful in the world of work.  

    My lab is open every class period so students can catch up on work.  Students can also come in during study halls as long as there are open computers and they are not disruptive to the educational process of my other students.