Staff Profile

  • Welcome to the FRC (Family Resource Center)  
    Our mission is to connect students, families, school and community.

    The FRC is a space where:
    • Students and families can access basic needs
      • Food Pantry
      • Non-Perishable Items (toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, school supplies, clothing, etc.)


    • You can find information:
      • On how to help your student succeed academically
      • On where to turn in the community to find assistance with a specific issue
      • On Family nights here at Big Sky


    • You can get referrals to the community
      • Referrals may be, but are not limited to: Housing, child care, financial assistance, utilities assistance, public programs and benefits (SNAP, Medicaid, Healthy Kids MT, parenting classes, employment, etc...) 

    It is my pleasure to work with our community to fill in gaps for our families to ensure that we have successful, healthy and HAPPY students!  I am proud to be a part of the Big Sky community.
    The FRC can be reached by calling 728-2400, ext. 8051 or by emailing