MCPS Life After High School Guide


    Deciding on a future path is not an easy task.  There are thousands of careers, educational opportunities, apprenticeship programs, and military options.  This planning guide is designed to help students and their guardians navigate the various paths; along with giving resources, timelines, and checklists for these processes.

    Students are encouraged to start looking at this guide early in their junior year and start researching all the possible options they are considering to see which fits them best.  In addition to researching online and through print materials students are urged to experience in person, if possible, various careers and institutions they are interested in attending.  If thinking of college, it is recommended you visit campuses and while there; attend a class and talk to admission representatives about requirements, financial aid packages, and scholarships offered.  If interested in entering the world of work immediately after high school students should contact the local job service where they can find help with resumes, job interviews, and learn about employment opportunities and the skills needed.  Students interested in the military can speak with recruiters that visit the high schools and inquire about the career options, benefits and differences of the various military branches.

    We hope this guide helps you navigate your way and remember if you have questions about career and future planning - school counselors are always available to help.  Best wishes and soar high!

    Life After High School

Life After High School