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    Born and raised in Missoula, Ms. Chabot graduated from Sentinel High School gaining a passion for history through her MCPS education. Ms. Chabot holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, Political Science, and Social Studies from Carroll College in Helena, MT and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in History at the University of Montana in Missoula. Her thesis covers the tumultuous period before the Civil War looking at foreign diplomats who traved throughout the union. 

    She has taught Government, AP Government, AP Geography, AP World History, and AP Seminar in the past at either Sentinel High School or at the Missoula Online Academy.  

    Chabot spent much of the summer studying the U.S. Constiution at Georgetown University as Montana's recipient of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship. 

    This is her first year at Big Sky High School, where she is very excited to teach IB History of the Americas along with a section of Government. 

    In her free time, she takes full advantage of the outdoor opportunities offered within western Montana, and can often be found exploring the nearby mountains. Additionally, in the summer she enjoys tending her flower garden with her dog, Mandy. In the winter she enjoys cross country skiing when there is enough snow.