• Welcome to the mathematics department at Big Sky High School. 
    Members:  Dept. Chair Abby Green & Dept. Chair Mike Marcinkowski
    DeeAnn Mooney
    As Big Sky High School math teachers, our goal is to provide opportunities for our students to think critically about mathematics and work with problems algebraically, graphically, verbally, and numerically. We provide the following pathways and courses for students' math journeys:
                      Algebra 1                     Algebra Readiness                      Algebra I Concept and Skills
                     Geometry                     Geometry Concept and Skills      Honors Geometry
                      Algebra 2                     Honors Algebra 2                         Algebra 2 Enhancement
                   Senior Math Topics         IB Math Standard Level              IB Math Studies 
    Math lab is every day at lunch in room 37, staffed by a certified math teacher.  
    Along with an Algebra 2 course, students can take an Algebra 2 Enhancement. In the enhancement course, students have additional instruction and activities to improve their understanding of the concepts they are studying in their Algebra 2 course. 
    Students can choose the challenge of an honors course and take Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra 2.

    Through the IB Maths program, students can also earn college credit based on their IB exam score. 

    If you have questions, please contact Mike Marcinkowski or Abby Green in person, by phone or email.
    Thank you. 
Math Department Big Sky