The Big Sky Math Philosophy 

    At Big Sky High School, mathematics is taught in a collaborative learning model where students work together to learn and master material. This social model allows students to grapple with the mathematics while simultaneously enriching their own understanding.
    At the lower levels (Algebra Readiness through Algebra 2) the collaborative classroom works in conjunction with an online program that serves as a student’s daily practice. The online
    component is interactive and personalized to each student, which allows students to fill in any holes they may have in their mathematical understandings.
    A student should expect that their mathematics classroom will be built on discussion and discourse in an active environment as opposed to a “sit and get” classroom.


    IB Classes and other higher level offerings work in the same model but without the online program support. Students can earn college credit through taking the IB Exam and earning a qualifying grade. There are also options  (Contemporary Math, IB-PreCalc, and IB Calc) for Missoula College Credit for some courses through the dual credit program.
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