Teacher Profile

  •  Hoon Self Portrait 2013-17 dmhoon@mcps.k12.mt.us

    Hoon, Dustin  728-2400 X8069   dmhoon@mcps.k12.mt.us
    As a visual artist and art instructor, at the high school level, I find a helpful reciprocity between the two disciplines. On the one hand, I am pursuing and creating content in order to realize artwork, enable a need, and influence lives; on the other, I am researching methodologies, exercising skills, and relating to young humans. I strive to provide an experiential learning environment for all manner of personality types, learning styles, and aptitudes. I am grateful to operate in two fields that inform each other and inspire my creativity, musings, and obligations to humanity.

Teacher Schedule

    Period 1 Preparation Period
    Period 2 Introduction to Art
    Period 3    Intro to Art
    Period 4 Drawing I
    Period 5 Preparation Period
    Period 6
    Introduction to Art
    Period 7 Introduction to Art
    Period 8 Painting I
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