Tips for professional emails and phone calls

  • Emails:

    • Start your email with a greeting such as "Hello Mrs. White"
    • Always sign your email with your name and contact information if you would like them to reach out to you
    • Remember to only write a description in the subject line and DO NOT write your whole email message in the subject line.

    Phone Calls:

    • Start with your name and why you are calling "Hello this is Mr. Green calling for Mr. Plum about where our meeting is"
    • If you are leaving a voicemail be sure to leave your name and phone number for them to return your call.
    • Not all places you call have caller ID so if you do not include this information they have no way to get back to you.


    Below is a worksheet to help you complete a resume. Follow this template to create a resume in Word or Google Documents. Sample Resume

    Resume Worksheet