Support Staff Contact Information and Referral Forms

Graduation Coach

  • The Graduation Coach - Shanna works with the counselors and all other support staff to help students graduate. Whether it’s mentoring, tutoring, or helping students with their senior projects, Shanna is always supporting students to be their best academically and otherwise.

    Shanna Nickerson

Project Success

  • Project Success is a free school based service that provides substance use prevention education and early intervention services for students. Early intervention for students who may be at risk for use or has a friend, family member or loved one struggling with substance use or a substance use disorder. Referrals to resources needed to assist and support students and families.

    Sarah Gittins - Counseling Center


  • Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) is a combined effort of MCPS and Western Montana Mental Health Center that provides emotional and behavioral support to students at school. CSCT staff help students with various issues that can affect their ability to be successful in school as well as other areas of life. Our support services include individual sessions, group sessions, family support, lunch group, and in-class support. We also offer group as a class to our students in which they are able to earn credit. Students, parents, Big Sky staff, or other providers may refer students to our program.

    • Email: 
    • Phone: 728-2400 ext. 8625

Social Worker

  • The Social Worker provides support for emotional, social or family issues. Feeling stressed or isolated from other supports. Lack of coping/social skills.Concerns with suicide and at risk behaviors.Conflict resolution. Assisting and coordinating family supports.

    Amy Weimer - 71B (off of student commons)

    Sam Arcand - Room 15


  • The Family Resource Center (FRC) provides a safe space and essential resources to students and families in need. The FRC gives students access to basic needs by supplying a food pantry, clothes closet, non-perishable items, toiletries and so much more.

    Erica Ramsey 

Native American Specialist

  • The Native American Specialist assists students with academic difficulties (grades, attendance.) Home struggles.Foster relationships with parents & guardians. Provide info on cultural events. Resources for cultural connections.

    Duran Caferro