• Family Resource Center @ Big Sky High School
    'to connect students, families, school and community'


    Chris Kline - Family Resource Coordinator 

    The Family Resource center is equip to support, establish, and restore relationships between all stakeholders within the school community.
    Common support and resources include:
    • School Supplies
    • Transportation
    • Connections to Public Programing
    • Food/Clothing/Toiletries
    • Student Advocacy 
    • Financial Assitance
    • Re-Employment
    • Parent Support
    • Counseling
    • Family Adcovacy
    • Residential Transition Support 
    • School Engagement

    The Family Resource Cetner is avaiable to all Big Sky High School Community members.

    The Family Resource Center is prepared to meet the most basic needs and to support during times of severe hardships.

    Do not hestitate to reach out - we are here to serve.

    Chris Kline - Family Resource Coordinator

    801 893 2244 - Text/Call