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     Profe Anderson at Machu Picchu in Peru


  • Dear parents, guardians and students!


    Welcome to a new school year : ) As you know, 2020 with COVID-19 has disrupted our normal routines for school. This school year's start is a hybrid of in-person and remote learning. The modifeid school schedule has impacted Spanish classes for alll grades. I will be rotating through the grade leves and spending time with whole groups for three weeks at a time, supporting classrooom teachers and giving daily 20 minutes of daily Spanish instruction to the current grade level classroom. I am starting the school year with 3rd grade until 9/18 and will then work with 4th and 5th grades.

    It is my goal to provide all classrooms with Spanish materials for reference and conitined language exposure during the weeks I cannot be engaging with studens and giving Spansih instructiosn. At this time, specilaist are not providing content for the at-home ermote learning days. You can however find many resources and remite Soanish lessons for the various grad levebs here on my school webpage. I will be updating resources as we go. 

    Thank you!


    Profe Anderson