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  • Dear Big Sky Students & Families-

    This week we switch to periods 5-8! Please be sure to check your schedule in Q so you know which classes you have and their location.  Also a huge shout out to our winter athletes and Speech & Debate team! What a hard fought season with several state winners! We are so proud of your perseverance and determination!


      • Tomorrow, Monday 3/8 is remote for periods 5-8, the Monday when we return from Spring Break 3/22 is also remote.  There is a calendar attached-please note the Monday’s in person and the remote Monday’s.  I’ll remind students every Sunday what the next week’s schedule is. 
      • Zero Period-remember if you are failing any class in your 1st-4th period rotation you are expected to attend zero period (8-9:30am in the Student Commons) this week.  This opportunity is to help you get those grades up to passing. After spring break you may attend for any failing grade periods 1-8.
      • Spring Break Intervention-if you are still failing a 1st-4th period class going in to Spring Break we have an additional opportunity.  You can also attend intervention even if you are not failing but would like additional support:


    • Tuesday 3/16-9th & 10th graders
    • Wednesday 3/17-11th & 12th graders


    10am-2pm-snacks will be available and students should bring their devices.  We also have gas cards available to help with transportation and will be passed out when students leave on their intervention day. 

    ACT-Please note on the calendar that Tuesday April 6th is the remote day for that week due to the ACT.  If you are an MOA student you will take the ACT at Big Sky on 4/6.

    The next Sunday update will be on March 21st, please enjoy your spring break.  Remember if you travel for the break and feel you have been exposed to Covid please consider getting tested before returning to school.  If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Jennifer Courtney