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  • 11.20.20

    Dear Big Sky Students & Families-

    I hope each and every one of you have a nice holiday.  Our students deserve rest and a break and hopefully upon return they will be ready to get back to it until the next break.  This message will serve as this week’s update and the next weekly update will be on 11.29.20


    Attached is the schedule for the remainder of the semester. We will stay in hybrid until the end of semester 1. You will also notice 2 Intervention Days in January, more information will be coming soon on those days.  When we return from Thanksgiving break the schedule will be:

    • Monday 11/30-Remote ALL students A-Z, periods 3 & 4
    • Tuesday 12/1-In person A-K periods 3/4 (remote L-Z periods 3/4)
    • Wednesday 12/2-In person A-K periods 3/4 (remote L-Z periods 3/4)
    • Thursday 12/3-In person L-Z periods 3/4 (remote A-K periods 3/4)
    • Friday 12/4-In person L-Z periods 3/4 (remote A-K periods 3/4)

    Also there is no attendance requirement for Monday 11/23 this is an unscheduled day for students.

    Student Exchange Opportunity-

    In celebration of the 25th anniversary of normalized relations between the U.S. and Vietnam, the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam is sponsoring an Exchange on Global Environmental Issues for 25 high school students, from each the U.S. and Vietnam. The focus is shared environmental and natural resource issues between the two countries, interwoven with cultural exchange.  The application deadline is November 29th and if you would like more information please click here-

    Free and Reduced Forms-

    Don’t forget you can still turn in your Free & Reduced form to be entered into the drawing! You should have received a Free or Reduced form along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We would appreciate having every Big Sky family fill that form out-All families who return forms by November 23rd will be entered into a raffle for a gas or grocery gift card or a $50 Montana Club gift card.

    You can turn in another form even if you already have to be entered into the drawing. Any information you place on the form is confidential and is protected by FERPA.  Attached is how Title 1 funding helps support ALL students at Big Sky.

    MY VOICE Student Survey-

    We administer this survey in hopes of soliciting more feedback from students regarding school climate and culture. The Student Voice Survey assesses student aspirations by asking you questions based on belonging, sense of accomplishment, curiosity and creativity, spirit of adventure, leadership and responsibility, and various other areas.


    We are asking ALL students to log in to:

    By asking students how they perceive their school environment, the Student Voice Survey provides us with powerful tools for understanding both what motivates and inspires students to achieve and how well students believe their school is meeting those objectives. There is nothing more important to us than motivating our students to learn.We recognize that this year is very different from other school years and it may be difficult to answer some of the questions. We just ask that you try your best to answer these questions accurately so we can determine how to better serve you as a student population. This survey will take about 30 minutes to complete. 

    Thank you Big Sky community, please take care over the holiday break and we will see you all soon!

    Jennifer Courtney