Remote Learning Class Info

Big Sky Remote Learning Information

  • Update 4/6/20

    • 1 assignment per class this week again.  If we are out longer we may look to increase to 2 assignments per week, we need to make sure our students are ready for next year's classes! 
    • Assignments can be graded in Q starting this week.  You will see a grade starting 4/6 for last week's 1 assignment and the 1 assignment for this week.  This also begins 4th quarter.
    • 3rd quarter grades roll into 4th quarter, so if your child is looking to improve their overall 2nd semester grade there is still time to do that, I would encourage parents to look less at the grade and focus more on the check list for each week.  
    • Seniors-I have collected the survey results and will share your contacts so we can being to brainstorm ways to celebrate our 12th graders! 
    • Also follow the Big Sky High School Facebook and @bigskyprincipal Instagram for shout out's for our 12th grade spring sport athletes!

    Message from 3/30/20

    Here is the outline for online learning starting Monday 3/30 and will be the weekly schedule until we get back to school. After the schedule information is the plan for grading:


    • Teachers will post 1 assignment in Q-for example-Algebra 2, assignment #1, NAME OF ASSIGNMENT. This is meant to be a way to communicate which assignment you will be working on for that week. If it's a large assignment or project you may see it in a couple of weeks assignment postings. They will make it a "0" point value-it will be graded at a later date.
    • Teachers may use the document upload in Q, or Google Classroom, or directly emailing materials. If your teacher uses Q documents, you won't be able to see them from your phone, only from a computer.
    • We will ask you to keep all work completed and label it with the assignment code and turn in upon return.


    • -Blue Day schedule for Google Hangouts-This is not required but can be used for check-in’s with your teacher, to ask questions and see face to face examples. Your teachers will be posting the Google Hangout link on their teacher webpage.
      • 1st period-8-8:30am
      • 2nd period-9:30-10:00am
      • 3rd period-12-12:30pm
      • 4th period-1:30-2:00pm


    • Gold Day for Google Hangouts
      • 5th period-8-8:30am
      • 6th period-9:30-10:00am
      • 7rd period-12-12:30pm
      • 8th period-1:30-2pm


    Quarter 3 ends on 4/3, the only grades included for Q3 will be material that was assigned prior to 3/13 (start of spring break).  If you have missing or outstanding work from that period I would encourage you to get that to your teachers or reach out to your teachers.  Any new assignments starting 3/30 will not be graded until 4/13.

    We are really focusing teachers on just connecting with you, making sure you understand what is expected in each class.  There is lots of stress right now so don't stress yourselves out, just connect with your teachers or myself and we will work together!

    Jennifer Courtney
    Principal, Big Sky High School
    (406) 728-2400 ext. 8026