Mrs. Helmer


  • Hello! I am currently in my 14th year of teaching English at Big Sky. I am co-department chair with the fabulous Amy Miller. I am also a Coordinator for the  International Bacculaureate program, as well as the school wide CAS (Creativty, Activity, Service) director for all seniors.

    I respond to email very quickly, so any time this year you need to get a hold of me please do not hesitate to do so. 

    Grading Policy: I use a simple points based grading scale. An 89.5 and up is an A, a 79.5 and up to an 89.4 is a B, etc.
    For all my classes, I try to get grades in as quickly as possible. If an assignment is blank, it simply means I have not entered the assignment yet. If a student is missing the assignment I will communicate that very clearly to the student, and if necessary to  parents as well. Not all assignments are equal - many I will take late without punishment if the time frame is appropriate. However, there are some assignments I will not take late, and again, I will communicate that to students. There are also some assignments students can re-do to improve their grade. I try very hard to get students to learn to communicate with me so if they have any questions about an assignment, I am the best person to come to first :-)