• Photos from Patric Record
  • First Practice 2017:
    Friday Aug 11th
    check in:
    Thursday @ 10 am

     Freshman Practice:
    Mon Aug 14th
     Check in:
    Friday @ Noon 
  • Head Coach

    Coach Johnson

    Assistant Coaches

    Coach Nile

    Coach White

    Coach McGill

    Coach Hartford

    Coach Jones
    Coach Freiburghaus
    Coach Jones
    Coach Schmidt
    Coach Fernandez
    Coach Tredik 

    Go Eagles!  

    The Eagles  are 42 and 9 in all crosstown games since winning its first! 

    Winning the first city championship in 1992, and  17 outright titles of 22.

    Since the year 2002, we have made the playoffs
    9 times and the semi finals 2 times.




    By: Richard Riddle

    Of the Mission Mountain Wood Band


    We are the Big Sky Screaming Eagles Screaming “Go Missoula Big Sky”.

    When the Guns Sound we’ll be the

    King of the Valley,

    King of the Mountain,

    And all of Montana!

    Drums will Roll like Thunder

    When the Gold and Blue goes by.

    We’ll Fly Tonight.

    We’ll Give the “Eagle-Eye” Tonight,

    Touch the Sky Tonight,

    Striking Foe Asunder

    for the Big Sky High.