Current Student Registration Information

  • Big Sky's Course Registration process takes place in February of each year.  Students and families will have the opportunity to evaluate transcripts, review graduation requirements, recommendations for college preparatory coursework, complete a Planning Checklist, and, best of all, choose courses for the next school year.

    Registration Process:

    1. Students will view the presentation below explaining graduation requirements and considerations for course selection. They will then have time to think about the classes they would like to take for the 2024/25 school year before counselors come into English classrooms. Throughout the month of February, counselors will be in English classes to answer questions, finalize course requests, and input courses into Infinite Campus.  

    1. It will be helpful for students and families to review and complete the Registration Planning Checklist and Form work before counselors come into English classrooms in February. Students are invited to write in their course selections for next year, think about their future goals after high school, and make sure they are on track to graduate. This will help students have parent input and a draft of what they want to take for their counselors to review. 

    Helpful tip: review the registration slideshow, your student’s transcript in Infinite Campus, discuss goals after high school, graduation requirements, and use the Course Offerings sheet to see what courses are offered next year.

    Student Forms to Complete: 

    Resources to Help Students: