Period 1 Treble Choir Treble Choir
    Period 2 Varsity Choir Varsity Choir
    10-Min Break    
    Period 3 PLC prep  PLC prep
    Period 4 Chamber Choir Chamber Choir
    Lunch Les Chanteurs/All-State/All NW/ Sectional rehearsals Les Chanteurs/All-State/All NW/ Sectional rehearsals
    Period 5 Inventory/Maintenance Inventory/Maintenance
    Period 6 Knight Choir Knight Choir
    Period 7 Prep Prep
  • Ellen McKenzie has proudly taught at Hellgate since 2014, and has been directing choirs and teaching since 2002. Prior to teaching at Hellgate, she taught in Frenchtown, Manteca (CA), and Kalispell.

    Mrs. McKenzie earned her Bachelors Degree in Music Education in 2001,  and her Masters Degree in Integrated Arts and Education in 2012, both from the University of Montana. She is National Board Certified in Music/Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood. Throughout her career, she has been a very active member of her schools and communities. She has taken choirs to Hawaii, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Banff, Alberta.

     When not teaching, Mrs. McKenzie enjoys being a performer, and participates in shows at MCT as her time allows. She loves to run, dance, paddleboard, garden, and mostly to spend time with her husband Peter and her two wild and crazy sons, Ben and Jack.

    CHEVIES 2020-2021
    Thank you all for auditioning for Chevies. Posting this list is one of the most challenging things about the year: I don't want to let people down, but I know some of you will be disappointed. Please know that I have so much respect and love for all of you. 
    Chevies: we will be rehearsing every week on TUESDAY AND THURSDAY MORNINGS FROM 9:00 - 9:55 A.M. This was the time that worked best for the most people. There are a few people that told me they couldn't come during either of those times. If that's you, come talk to me asap. We'll see what we can work out. 
    SOPRANO (1's & 2's will be determined later)
    Aubree Luithle
    Morgan Best
    Maeci Thomas
    Neva Andrew
    Marrin Kolczak-Hardy
    Mabel DeGrandpre
    Lucia Garr
    Delanie Peterson
    Melody Irvine
    Shea Keene
    Adair Arnold
    Lydia Barrow
    Hailey Chabotte
    Alexa Chavez
    Haiden Munden
    Tabby Lawrence
    Kennedy Kuhn
    (there are a lot of altos because TWO will always float down to tenor!)
    Justin James
    Nick Monsos
    Aiden Adams
    Scott Larson
    Ryan Hanks
    Mason Parkey
    Zane Tuberty
    Cole Banks
    Delfino Forrest
    Gabe Rayle
    Cade Slayden