Missoula County Public Schools Graduation Requirements

Missoula County Public Schools requires students earn a minimum of 24 credits to graduate.  

(a)  4 credits of English language arts;
(b) 3 credits of mathematics;
(c)  2.5 credits of social studies (includes one year of American History, one year of US Govt., and one semester of social science elective
(d) 2 credits of science (includes one year of earth & space science and one year of biological science).
(e) 2 credits of health enhancement
(f)  1 credit of arts (music, drama or visual arts)
(g) 1 credit of vocational/technical education.
(h) 9.5 credis of elective coursework

 State of Montana Graduation Requirements 

A school district can establish its own requirements for graduation.  The minimum graduation requirements are established by the Montana Board of Public Education and are found in ARM 10.55.905.   A student has to complete a minimum of 20 credits in order to receive a Montana high school diploma with 13 credits in the following courses:

(a)  4 credits of English language arts;
(b) 2 credits of mathematics;
(c)  2 credits of social studies;
(d) 2 credits of science;
(e) 1 credit of health enhancement, with 1/2 credit each year for two years;
(f)  1 credit of arts;
(g) 1 credit of vocational/technical education.