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    My name is Jill Derryberry - quite the name, so students are free to shorten it to DB.
    I have always been passionate about English and journalism.  I started reading at age five and never stopped.  I used to get in trouble for staying up late reading and loved, still love, everything about books.  When I was little I fancied myself an author and wrote my own crime story.  It was natural for me to sign up for journalism starting in middle school.  After my first investigative piece on a dress code controversy, I was hooked.
    In high school I continued to excel in English and journalism, editing my high school newspaper and helping to start a youth section in The Albuquerque Journal, for which I received my first paycheck as a junior stringer.
    My choice to go to the University of Montana was driven by journalism.  When I arrived, however, the school was undergoing restructuring and would not allow me to double major in English.  I made a hard decision and pursued English and teaching.  It was the right decision, and Missoula was the right place for me.
     I have been lucky enough to have taught at Hellgate since 2000 and feel this is truly what I was meant to do. I thoroughly enjoy my students and embrace the adventures of teaching high school. I love that teaching also means I get to continue my own learning.
    Now, my path has returned me to my love of journalism, and I am ecstatic to teach young journalists with the same enthusiasm I had and be a part of the changing face of the practice and profession. I feel so privileged to have brought together my loves of reading, writing and publication.
    When I'm not reading, grading, or working toward another degree, I'm usually spending time with my dog and knitting.


  • Period 1 - Sophomore English

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