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This Week in the Classroom

  • Sept. 3-6

    Posted by Darci Coffman on 9/6/2019
    • Tuesday, Sept. 3
      • Periods 2, 3 in I-Lab
      • Period 7 in E-Lab
      • Log in and change password?
      • School website, including library website
      • Check Q
      • GC
      • Go over Syllabus, then “open book” quiz
      • Go over Book Talk assignment and timeline.
      • Discuss trip to library tomorrow (expectations) and
      • SSR
    • Wednesday, Sept. 4
      • Meet in Library to get a (physical) book for SSR.
      • Return as a class and read for most of the rest of the period.
      • Exit Ticket: What is the complete title of your book (underline it), is it fiction or non-fiction, why did you pick it, and what have you learned about the main character (fiction) or main idea (non-fiction) so far? (Write legibly in three or more complete sentences.)
    • Thursday, Sept. 5
      • Please come in, grab a book from the rack, and find your seat. Get out your notebook (paper) and something to write with, too. If you don't have these, get them from the shelf near the door. Be ready to rock when the bell rings, please!
      • We will listen to Ch. 1 of the audiobook of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (ELIC) while also reading along in the book. BOOKS MUST REMAIN IN THE CLASSROOM because we're sharing them with Ms. Gaumer's classes. But I've posted a .pdf version of the full text of the novel on GC, in case you need to read ELIC when you're not in the classroom. You're also free to check out or buy your own copy from whatever source you wish.
      • As we read the book, you will need to keep notes as indicated. No writing in the books, please.
      • EXIT TASK: What are your first impressions of our narrator, Oskar? (Respond in at least three legible, complete sentences, please.)
    • Friday, Sept. 6
      • Welcome! Please get a book as you come in and get out your exit ticket from yesterday.
        • review exit tickets from yesterday and turn in
        • review (learn about) allusion and discuss
      • purpose of allusions in narrative writing
        • find examples of allusions in text
        • finish reading Ch. 1
      • get Chromebook, pull up the posted material "Allusions List and Assignment," and complete it in class (finish as homework, if necessary.)
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