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  • Ms. Palin Patricia Palin


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    I have been a Family & Consumers Sciences FACS teacher for over 25 years.  I am currently running the Culinary Department at Hellgate High School.  I teach 3 levels of Culinary Arts which are practical art credits.
    Culinary Arts level 1 is a basic cooking and baking course for grades 9-12.  Units within the course are kitchen safety and sanitation, cooking and baking tools, reading a recipe and measuring ingredients.  Specific cooking a baking units include quick breads, cookies and candies, eggs, dairy and grains. .5 practical arts credit
    Culinary 2 expands on the basic level one course for grades 10-12.  Culinary 1 is the prerequisite for this course.  Culinary 2 is a more advanced class focusing on furthering the principles of cooking and baking.  Specific learning units include knife skills, yeast breads, cakes and cake decorating, hot and cold appetizers, pasta and sauces, herbs, seasonings and spices, soups, stews and chili.  .5 practical arts credit.
    Culinary 3 course gives students a sense of the business aspect of the field of culinary arts.  Students earn money by baking coffee cart treats, making and delivering teacher lunches and take home dinners and do catered events.  Students perform all levels of the business from shopping to pricing out their products.  Students also  volunteer making foods at local community service areas.  This course is a pathway into culinary arts careers and students can become ServSafe trained and certified. Culinary 1 and 2 are the prerequisites for this course. 1.0 practical arts credit 


  • Period 1 - Prep

    Period 2 - Culinary Arts 2

    Period 3 - Culinary Arts 2

    Period 4 - Culinary Arts 2

    Period 5 - Culinary Arts 3

    Period 6 - Culinary Arts 1

    Period 7 - Prep