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    Posted by Velita Rholl on 10/25/2019


    AP Human Geography is halfway through culture; we just started the section on language and will finish up before winter break on religion and a unit test.

    Human Geography is working through the globalization unit. We will look at the European Union in relation to political globalization, U.S. international trade policies for economic globalization, and then continue economic studies on the global black market trade networks. 

    U.S. Government is engaging in a unit on the First Amendment and working through each clause by learning how the Supreme Court has interpreted it through court decisions and close reading lessons. 


    AP HuG will be starting their unit on Culture next week

    Human Geography: We will be wrapping up demography and moving onto the migration section of unit 2

    U.S. Government: We are into our unit on elections. Students will start creating a campaign for the president of the school soon!


    For the next couple of weeks we will be addressing the following big ideas in class:

    AP HuG: How do goegraphers use maps and data to depict relationships of time, space, and scale?

       AP will have their first test coming up the week of the 23rd!


    Human Geo: How do geographers use maps? How can data on maps be manipulated?


    U.S. Government: What should be the goals of government? How has the constitution lasted through changing times? and Is the federal system the best way to govern the United States?


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