Rules & Expectations


    “It’s good to have fun… but it’s more fun to be good.”

    The following rules and expectations enable us to have the most productive rehearsal possible, and enable everyone to have a positive musical experience. The choir classroom rules are:

    1. Respect –

                    -Your teacher/conductor, by following rehearsal etiquette

                    -Your fellow choir members, by being polite, positive and open-minded

    -Your choir room and practice rooms (keep them clean), the piano (don’t use without asking, please), your folders (take care of them, put them away and don’t lose them!)

    -The music and the rehearsal – work hard, be positive and open-minded. Be an active member of our team.

    1. Participate in a positive and appropriate way. We cannot succeed without serious hard work in choir rehearsals.
    2. Follow rehearsal etiquette guidelines. These are basic rules that apply to every choir rehearsal everywhere, not just at HHS. We’ll discuss this in detail, but it includes things like always having a pencil ready, sitting/standing up straight, only one person talks at a time, and more.
    3. No food, drink or gum in the choir room. Water is great!
    4. Work hard and make the best music possible.