Lettering in Choir

  • Students may earn an activities letter award in choir if they represent Hellgate in the following extra-curricular, school-sponsored music activities. Points are earned for each activity as listed; a student must earn 75 points in one academic year to letter that year. Points do not roll over to the next school year. Students only earn one letter per year, even if they have enough points to letter multiple times within one year.



    Chevaliers – 50 points _________

    Les Chanteurs – 40 points _________

    All-State Choir– 25 points _________

    UM All-Star Choir – 25 points _________

    Mean Girls the Musical - cast, crew or orchestra - 25 points _________

    Voice Lessons - 25 points - requires weekly voice lessons all year _________

    Recording an All-State audition for the ‘24-’25 school year - 10 points _________

    Seeing concerts or musicals (program must be turned in) - 1 point per concert _________

    District Music Festival Solo/Ensemble Performances

    -Vocal Solo: 25 points

    -Vocal Ensemble: 20 points (per ensemble) (Choirs do not count)

    -Piano Solo: 20 points

    List events below: Total District points: _________



    75 points to letter Total points earned this year:________