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    Kye Nuttall
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    My name is Kye Nuttall and this will be my third year of teaching Math at Hellgate High School and my eighteenth year teaching overall.  
    My courses this year will be Geometry and Concepts and Skills Year 1.  I am looking forward to the challenge of three different and distinct groups of students.
    All resources for the Geometry Courses can be found by following the link provided here: 
    Sometimes we need a little extra help with our understanding of the concepts and skills we are covering in class.  I am available for help prior to school and at lunch. Emailing a question to me is also a solution and I will get back to you as soon as I can or in class the next day before we begin a new lesson.
    I look forward to the journey we are about to begin together. 


  • Period 1 - Prep Period

    Period 2 - Algebra C&S 1

    Period 3 - Algebra C&S 1

    Period 4 - Duty Period

    Period 5 - Geometry 

    Period 6 - Geometry

    Period 7 - Geometry