• Welcome to Hellgate SAVE!


    Students Against Violating the Earth was created in 1992 as a recycling and environmental activist group at Hellgate High School, but over the years it has expanded into the community with a goal to create a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.  In the past few years, S.A.V.E has built a greenhouse at Hellgate High School to replace our rooftop garden, added a garden outside the Connell St. doors, lost our solar panels at Hellgate (ask District Buildings and Grounds Department), planned and organized Earth Day events to show the importance of keeping our Earth clean, and recycled over countless plastic and aluminum containers, and most importantly, fundraised to pay for the whole enterprise (we are an unfunded club).  We meet every Thursday at lunch with our advisors Ms. Wyskiver and Mr. Connelly in room 287 to organize upcoming events.