• Laurie Mitzalis

    Ms. Mitzalis

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    Room 243

    I received my B.A. in English/Spanish from the University of Montana and participated in the National Student Exchange program, studying in North Carolina and Ohio for one year. Upon graduation, I joined the Peace Corps. I had hoped to be placed in a Spanish-speaking country but was instead assigned to Sri Lanka.  I taught there for two years and highly recommend this volunteer opportunity to all college graduates. I then worked with the Hispanic community in Chicago for many years, teaching English and preparing students for citizenship in the Amnesty Program. Life took me to Greece for twenty years where I became fluent in Greek and taught English to students of all ages. I was fortunate to learn first-hand about Greek culture and explore the ruins and islands of the beautiful Mediterranean. I received my M.S. in Special Education from Montana State University, Billings
    I re-located to Missoula, Montana in 2015. In addition to teaching English, I place international exchange students with local host families. In summers, I teach high school students from Kumamoto Japan at UM's English Language Institute. I travel as often as possible because I believe it is the best education. I have traveled in South and Central America, Mexico, Europe, Canada and most of the U.S. I encourage students to be open to all possibilities, take chances, explore the world and keep an open mind. Travel through books if you cannot otherwise! My favorite books are usually biographies and non-fiction and I hope to instill in my students a love of learning and exploring the world through literature. 


  • Period 1 - English 3 Co Teach Larsen/Mitzalis

    Period 2 - Prep

    Period 3 - General English 3-4 Mitzalis Syllabus

    Period 4 - English 3 Co Teach Larsen/Mitzalis

    Period 5 - English 2 Co Teach Wineman/Mitzalis

    Period 6 - Study Skills

    Period 7 - Prep


  • I wish a warm welcome to all students, new and returning, for a great school year. My door is always open and I encourage you to visit me anytime with questions, ideas, conversation. My hope is to provide a classroom that promotes acceptance, tolerance and discourse for diverse views.