Welcome to Hellgate Halberd!

  • The Hellgate Halberd is a student-created yearbook that documents the unfolding history of our school while we learn the photographic, design, marketing, and business aspects of yearbook publishing. We are dedicated to including every Hellgate Knight in our book.

    Order a Yearbook here. It's the easiest way!  However, you can also bring a check or cash to the bookkeeper at Hellgate to purchase a yearbook.

    Personalization is back as an option!

    The lowest price happens early in the year!

    • August 24  to Oct 30:  $70
    • Oct. 31  to May 31: $80
    • After May 31, the online portal will be shut off and purchases (if still available) must be made in person, preferably with the Hellgate bookkeeper.

    THANK YOU for your support!