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    1st  Intro to Health Science Careers   


    Wed block

    2nd -  Earth and Space Science


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    3rd -  IB Sports Exercise and Health 


    Wed block

    4th - Earth and Space Science


    Thurs Block

    Lunch - HOSA on Mondays :)



    5th -  IB Sports Exercise and Health 


    Wed block

    6th - Prep


    Thurs Block

    7th - Prep


    Wed block

  • Science is awesome!  So many great topics to cover and expand student skills in critical thinking and analysis using class discussions, lab activities, and so much more.  I teach Earth and Space Science a class required of all students, composed primarily of freshman. In addition to the science content, our freshman classes focus on study skills, learning styles and getting settled into a great High School experience. Earth Science class is action-packed with activities, allowing students to working scientifically. Labs ask students to use inquiry skills, inductive and deductive reasoning, making observations,  gather data and analysis processed data in an effort to promote success in any science they may choose to pursue later.

    I also teach Health Science CTE (Career and Technical Education) classes which include:  IB Sports Exercise and Health Science - a great course for students who are athletes or are looking for college-level material related to anatomy and physiology, athletic training, physical therapy, and many other career choices.   This class is fast-paced, rigorous and asks a great deal of the students: research; independent work; and includes the option of IB testing in the spring or dual credit with the UM.  New in 2020 - Public Health Class will explore major topics in public health, but from a science based curriculum with student input on topic focus.  Also new is the Intro to Health/ Science Career  which will allow students to explore different career fields and what each has to offer, as well as what classes are great foundations to move forward in that career path. 

    My approach in all of these classes is to ask inquiring mind questions and let the students find their way to possible answers and solve the conundrums presented. Students are highly encouraged to actively participate in class discussions, and bring relevant topics into the class. There will be a fair amount of online work this year combined with classtime, so students should be actively checking their Google classroom for updates and information related to the classes. 
    Parents or students, please feel free to contact me, start with email, then we can then set up a phone conference if necessary. Simply let me know when is the best time to do so.
    Some of you students and parents may recognize me as a swim coach - previously with the Missoula Aquatic Club age-group swimming, currently with adult swimmers -  Missoula Masters swimming during the summer at the Splash, winter at the PEAK. I have also had the privilege of being one of the coaching staff for our own State Championship High School swim team. It is a great reward to watch swimmers train and develop and reach for their goals. 

A quick overview of the classes

  • Earth and Space Science classes start with the basics of Scientific Method, and science tools.  Students taking Earth Science at Hellgate will cover Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology (including Minerals and Rocks), and a number of other current topics. For more information related specifically to Earth Science please check out the Welcome letter and the linked Earth and Space page.  Be sure to check out the Earth Science web page for important links, and extra credit info. Each week a note is posted in Google classroom with details about topics to be covered and assignments.  The assignment Google calendar that I fill out for Students and parents is linked on the website page; it is a close match to the info shared in google classroom on Sundays.  Be sure to check your student google mail for those important notes related to due dates of assignments and other activities.
    ****Earth Science class materials: Please have a binder/ folders to keep our class handouts organized.  You will also need a 3 subject notebook dedicated to science, we will use this for both class notes and labs.  Other supplies that would be great for you to have for personal use include: a ruler, protractor,  highlighters, colored pencils, and any other preferred writing implements. 
    IB Sports Exercise and Health Science - is an applied Human Anatomy class. We start the year with a quick introduction to Human Anatomy and then move quickly into the application of Anatomy with Bio-mechanics and the Physics related to sports.  We will continue with a series of topics and laboratory activities that highlight health/ sports-related topics using the foundation of human physiology. These basics and more combine to give this class a fast pace feel with great immersion into the topics that students find pertinent to their own current athletic experience and future career options.   You will want to stay up to date on the class notes, and supplemental materials shared with you as we build the topics for the course. This class uses Google classroom a great deal for notes, assignments and sharing information related to lab activities.  Please be sure to check your student google accounts regularly. 
    **** IB SEHS class materials: We will use unit/ lab packets which many students keep organized in a binder.  You will need something to take notes on aside from the unit packets.  This class also requires that you have a Lab Journal (I will show you the acceptable option on the 1st week of class).  Index cards, highlighters, and colored pencils are also a good idea.  We will use Google Classroom for many assignments and communication on a weekly basis, be sure to keep your classroom space organized.