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    My name is Brian Hoover and I teach the Technical Design classes here at Hellgate. These classes include the subjects of Engineering, Architecture, and 3D Modeling & Animation. I also teach two dual credit drafting and design classes that are aligned with the Missoula College Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.
    Office Phone: 728-2400 Ext: 6664
    Email: Brian Hoover


  • Period 1 - Prep  

    Period 2 - Architectural Design 

    Period 3 -  Prep  

    Period 4 - 3D Modeling & Animation  

    Period 5 - Intro to Technical Design 

    Period 6 - Engineering Design + DDSN113 Tech Drafting (Sem 1) / Engineering Design + DDSN114 Intro to CAD (Sem 2)   

    Period 7 - Intro to Technical Design  


  • Technical Design Course Offerings and Syllabi

    Level 1 Course
    Intro to Technical Design

    Level 2 Courses
    Engineering Design
    Architectural Design
    3D Modeling & Animation

    Level 3 Courses
    Design Project 1
    Design Project 2


    Introduction to Technical Design is open to all students and serves as the prerequisite for all of the level 2 courses. The after taking a level 2 course, students will be ready to enroll in my level 3 courses which are both dual enrollment courses aligned with the Missoula College Computer Aided Design Certificate Program. The level 1 and level 3 courses are semester-long and the level 2 courses are year-long.