• My daughter & I in WA 8/13
    Eric Ojala
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    Born 4/12/73 in Missoula, MT.  (45 years young.)

    Married to a true flouer o Scotland, further blessed with a wee daughter of twelve years.

    One older brother, Bryan, 2.8 years older than I.

    Mother, Judith, lives near Corvallis, MT.

    Father, Leslie, has become a reverse snowbird in Ajo, AZ.
    Attended grades K-3 in Lolo, MT.

    Attended grades 4-12 in Missoula.

    Graduated from Missoula Hellgate H.S. in June, 1991 (6th of 246).
    Attended college at MSU (Bozeman) 1991-1995, also took classes at MSU-Billings.  Graduated with BS in Forestry from the University of Montana in 1998.  Graduated with BA in Biology Education also from the University of Montana - Missoula in 2004.  Earned Masters of Science in Science Education from Montana State University (Bozeman) - summer 2014.


  • Period 1 - Integrated Earth, Space, and Physical Science 

    Period 2 - IB Environmental Studies

    Period 3 - Prep 

    Period 4 - Integrated Earth, Space, and Physical Science

    Period 5 - IB Environmental Studies

    Period 6 - Prep

    Period 7 - Integrated Earth, Space, and Physical Science