Teacher Intro

  • Ms. Thompson

    Lindsay Thompson

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    Hi!  I'm Lindsay Thompson and this is my webpage for my students at Hellgate High School!  

    This webpage is designed to help students connect to my class in providing lesson plans, assignments, readings, and many other things that I think will enhance their learning inside and outside my classroom.  I have pages for the two subjects I teach (American Government and Sociology & Criminology), so please navigate to those pages for information on those classes, including what they are and weekly lesson plans.  Finally, please visit my "About Me" page to learn about my professional and personal history!


  • Ms. Johnson

    Ms. Johnson is originally from Maryland, but has been living in Montana since 2012.  Graduated from the University of Montana in 2016 with a degree in anthropology and is currently working on a degree in education!  A little about me - I have three dogs, a 13-year vegetarian, love Star Wars, and despite having blue eyes, and her favorite song is Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl."  Ms. Johnson is a teacher candidate for Ms. Thompson in government in the afternoon and for Mr. Morris in U.S. history in the morning.


  • Period 1 - Sociology & Criminology (semester)

    Period 2 - Sociology & Criminology (semester)

    Period 3 - Sociology & Criminology (semester)

    Period 4 - Prep

    Period 5 - Government (year)

    Period 6 - Prep

    Period 7 - Government (year)

Ms. Johnson's Schedule

  • Period 1 - U.S History

    Period 2 - U.S History

    Period 3 - U.S History

    Period 4 - Prep

    Period 5 - Government

    Period 6 - Prep

    Period 7 - Government