• ¡Hola! My name is Milton Zhinin-Barreto. I'm super excited to be part of the Hellgate faculty.

    I was born and raised in Ecuador. Initially I went to college in Cuenca, Ecuador where I received a BA in Industrial Engineering and then Machala, Ecuador where I received a BA in Chemical Engineering. After years of working as quality control manager in a manufactury corporation, managing my own greehouse, and participating in Ecuador's Nacional Mining Congress (which helped create The Mining and Hydrocarbons law in Ecuador's new Constitution) I began teaching in Ecuador and outside the country. I moved to Missoula in 2015 to finish my degrees at the UM where I received a BA in Spanish, a minor in Latin American Studies, and AA in Mathemathics. 

    In the summertime I spend my time between racing (100 mile, 100 k, and 50 mile runs) and biking. I also like to garden, sew and cook, and in the winter backcounty skiing and ski mountaniering.

    I firmily believe that language has the power to explore creativity while creating connections. I welcome you to visit my classroom, 324, at anytime.

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    Posted by Milton Zhinin-Barreto on 4/5/2020

    Chicos y chicas, hola.

    Por favor, ve a Google Classroom para revisar tus proyectos, tareas, rubricas, guias, planes de trabajo, etc. Please check Google Classroom at least once at day.


    Codigos para las clases:

    Spanish 4 IB/SL, period 2  32qoqkp

    Spanish 4 IB/SL, period 3  ralqxxf

    Spanish 2, period 5 fkkb24w

    Spanish 2, period 6 khsgxrx

    Spanish 5 IB/HL, period 7 uxvlgsw

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