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    I graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Health Enhancement.  This is my 14th year teaching health and PE.  I teach freshman HE1 periods 1 and 2 and teach as part of a freshman team periods 5-7.  This means students rotate through 3 common teachers- Mr. Staats for science, Mrs. Croxton for English and myself for HE1.  This enables us to collaborate with curriculum and plan cross-curricular activites.  We meet daily period 4 to plan, assess student learning, and meet with students.  In addition, I am an advisor for Student Government and Prom Committee.



  • Period 1 - Health Enhancement 1

    Period 2 - Health Enhancement 1

    Period 3 - Prep

    Period 4 - Prep

    Period 5 - Health Enhancement 1

    Period 6 - Health Enhancement 1

    Period 7 - Health Enhancement 1

  • Welcome to Hellgate!  I am excited to meet you all and hope you are looking forward to your first year of high school!  Be prepared to work hard this year; we incorporate a lot of fitness activities in our curriculum.  I will expose you to a lot of different fitness options and encourage you to come with an open mind and try new activites.  My hope is for you to continue to be active into adulthood.