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    I have been teaching English at Hellgate High School for the past 17 years. Born and raised in Montana, I hold a Masters Degree in Secondary Education from The University of Montana.  Over my 22 years as a teacher, I have taught every type of English class you can imagine.  Currently, I teach English on a Freshmen Academy that also includes an Algebra teacher and an Earth Science teacher. In addition, I spend my afternoons teaching Title 1 Reading Enhancement classes at Hellgate.  I have been a chair for the English department for the past 14 years.

    When I am not teaching English, you may find me organizing the next international student trip.  For the past 14 years, I have co-hosted and organized an international trip for 18 Hellgate students to travel to Costa Rica or Baja Mexico to study ecology, leatherback sea turtles and sea stars.

    My classroom is always open to students who need help, advice or a place to eat their lunch.  Hellgate is a great school and I am proud to call myself a Hellgate Knight. 

Daily Schedule

  • Period 1 - English 1

    Period 2 - English 1

    Period 3 - English 1

    Period 4 - Reading/English 2 (Title I)

    Period 5 - Prep

    Period 6 - Reading/English 2 (Title I)

    Period 7 - Prep