• FAQ's

    We, the Health Services Staff at Hellgate, recognize that health occurs on a continuum, thus changes over time.  Please contact us if you have concerns, questions or simply want to update us on your child's health status.  We follow all HIPAA and FERPA guidelines regarding confidentiality.  


    1. When is the Hellgate Health Office open?

      • Typically 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      • Note:  there may be times the health office needs to close due to student health needs around the district.  When this occurs, a designated Hellgate staff member will assist students as needed.  
    2. Who staffs the Hellgate Health Office?

      • Kristy Pizzolato, LPN, spends the majority of her time at Hellgate and will likely be the person you talk to or see if you visit the office.  Lisa Flanagan, RN case manager, travels between her 3 designated schools and generally spends 2 half days at Hellgate per week, which allows Kristy to travel to other schools to provide nursing care.  We endeavor to provide seamless communication and continuity of care to all the students who we care for.  
    3. My child was recently injured and now is restricted from certain activities.  How do I let the school know about this?

      • Call the Hellgate Health Office at 406-728-2400 ext. 6028 or email Lisa Flanagan, RN case manager at ltflanagan@mcpsmt.org.  The attendance office can also help you.
      • Ideally, provide a healthcare provider note indicating:
        • type of injury,
        • what activities are restricted,
        • what activities are allowed (examples: "running and biking are OK but no jumping" or "upper body training OK" and
        • expected length of time for healing is very helpful for school staff to appropriately support your student during this time.  
      • This note may be turned in to the attendance office at Hellgate, directly to the health office or emailed to Lisa Flanagan, RN, at ltflanagan@mcpsmt.org.  The health office fax number is:  406-329-5978. 
      • Plesae remember that alternative exercises and activities are encouraged for PE classes.  For instance, a student with a sprained ankle can usually work on upper body strength or participate in activities such as archery with adaptations.  An injury does not necessarily mean a student is exempt from PE.
      • Some students may benefit from use of the school elevators during their recovery period.  The main building elevator is available to all students who need it and does not require a key or code to operate.  Contact the health office at 406-728-2400 ext. 6028 or ltflanagan@mcpsmt.org to obtain a key to access the elevator in the north (science) building.  Your student's school counselor can also help with this.
    4. My child is scheduled for surgery.  How can we prepare for this type of school absence?

      • Direct communication with your student's teachers, school counselor and school nurse prior to surgery is strongly recommended.  This allows everyone time to plan and prepare for lessons and assignments during your student's absence, recovery and eventual return to school.  Teacher names and emails can be found on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal under the schedule tab.  
      • A healthcare provider note indicating date of surgery and expected amount of time your child will be out of school is helpful for attendance purposes.  This note can be turned in to the attendance office at Hellgate, directly to the health office emailed to Lisa Flanagan, RN case manager, at ltflanagan@mcpsmt.org.
      • Your school nurse can assist your student upon his/her/their return to school with procedures such as medication administration and direct care needs.   
    5. My child recently sustained a concussion.  What next?

      • Notify the Hellgate Health Office (406-728-2400 ext. 6028) or email Lisa Flanagan, RN case manager at ltflanagan@mcpsmt.org
        • Note: if your student sustained the concussion during a school athletic event or practice, the school athletic trainer will notify the school nurse of the incident in a timely manner.  Direct communication from families is always welcome, though.
      • Review Missoula County Public Schools concussion information.  This includes information about concussions in general, Return to Learn Guidelines and suggestions for classroom adaptations to minimize symptoms, as well as forms for medical providers.  There is lots of information on this webpage and I highly recommend taking the time to review it.
      • The school nurse will notify your student's school counselor, teachers and other staff working with your student that a concussion occurred, current symptoms and a reminder of the Return to Learn Guidelines and Classroom Symptom Wheel recommendations.  I will also communicate to staff when your student has been cleared to return to all activities.
        • Student athletes will work with the athletic trainer, in conjunction with the healthcare provider when applicable, to gain clearance to return to sports.  The school nurse and athletic trainers work closely to coordinate care of student athletes.
      • The Health Services staff like to meet with students with concussion after they've returned to school to check in and provide assistance as needed.  
      • The Hellgate Health Office can be a good place for quiet rest during the day and we encourage students experiencing an increase in concussion symptoms, such as headache or stomach upset, to come to the health office to lie down.  Occasionally, though, the health office is reaches full capacity and we don't have space to allow this to happen.  We will work with Hellgate staff to find an alternate, suitable location.
    6. My child has a chronic health condition.

      • We want to know about it!  Please contact Lisa Flanagan, RN case manager, at 406-239-9065 (cell) or ltflanagan@mcpsmt.org.
      • More information can be found under the MCPS website tab "Student Services" → "Health Services."
    7. My child needs medication at school.

      • Please note that students are NOT allowed to carry medications at school except under specific circumstances.  This includes medications that can be purchased over-the-counter.  More information about medications at school here.
      • Medication order forms can be found here (scroll down about halfway down page; located on the right side)
    8. I need a copy of my child's immunization records. 

      • Student immunization records are kept in the Hellgate Health Office until a student graduates or otherwise leaves Hellgate.  Contact the school nurse or health services staff at 406-728-2400 ext. 6028 for copies if your student is currently enrolled.  
      • Contact the records clerk at 406-728-2400 ext. 6023 or email Lori Willumsen at lwillumsen@mcpsmt.org.
      • Many healthcare providers now share patient immunization information with the Montana immunization registry, called ImMTrax.  Schools, medical providers and hospitals are eligible to access patient immunization information if the parent/guardian has provided permission to do so.  This is an exceptionally useful data source - especially if your child becomes injured or ill and immunization status is needed (think tetanus or pertussis) - or if you lose your copies at home.  The ImMTrax consent form allows the health services staff to share your student's immunization records with the Missoula City County Health Department to upload into ImMTrax.  

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