The following is our team philosophy and our philosophy on athletics and what is best for kids.  We encourage students to compete in basketball, wrestling, and swimming in the winter.  Encourage athletes to compete in track and field in the spring.  The facts show that this is what leads kids to be the most successful!!! 


    Structure:  There will be one Freshman team and every player will get oportunities to play!  We work hard to develop our players at the Freshman and JV levels.


    Schedule:  We will play a schedule filled with mostly AA teams.  The schedule allows for the freshman teams to have little travel or to not travel very far.  A schedule will be provided at a later date and also posted on our school web site (below).  The schedule is always subject to change for freshman.


    First Practice:  The first Varsity practice is Friday, August 13th at 9:00 AM.  Freshman Football will also begin on August 13th (website for exact date).   Thursday August 12th will be for check in and equipment and payment.  All fees and forms will be paid and turned in before participation. 

    Athletes who come to the weight room will be issued equipment after lifting.


    Weight Room:  The Big Sky weight room is open each weekday from 7-9 AM starting on June 14th.  We encourage freshmen to come and participate in weight training, speed workouts, and dynamic stretch.  These are the three facets of our conditioning program at Big Sky and it would be beneficial to get an early start.  The coaches at Big Sky monitor these programs and will provide instruction in proper lifting techniques and safety procedures.  We have dedicated lifting instructors for freshman, just be there 7am sharp!!! 



    At Big Sky we all where black shoes.  For cold gear we wear dark bottoms and white tops.  This is a part of our team model.