Weight Training Information

    • Our Weight Room will be open Monday - Thursday from 7 to 9 am.  
    • We expect our footballers to be in the weigh room this summer consistently 4 days a week.  
    • This is for Freshman - Seniors 


    Eagle Football Lifting :

    Sophomore - Seniors 


    • Each person must acquire 68 points by the 1st day of practice August 12th
    • Lifting Points begin the first week back in school in January.
    • Participants in winter sports receive 12 points (if you finish in good standing).
    • Participants in Track & Field receive 20 points (if you finish in good standing).
    • Weight training class counts toward your overall points (the teacher must ok that it was a good effort day).
    • Throughout the summer you must acquire 24 of the 32 points.
    • One point is given for each COMPLETED work out! (Only lifting at Big Sky and finishing the workouts counts!)
    • Each person must increase their squats by 20% from January to August.
    • Each person must increase their bench and push press by 12% from January to August.
    • Person's who do not acquire the minimum amount of points will make up workouts during 2 a days!