Letters of Recommendation

  • Do you need a Letter of Recommendation from your counselor?

    Colleges, Universities, and Scholarship applications may require a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from your counselor and/or teacher(s).  To request a LOR please provide a resume with your request two weeks prior to each deadline.  Please be clear with your counselor who you would like your LOR addressed to and how the LOR will be submitted: student will pick up, counselor will mail, etc…

    Common Application Questions?

    The Common Application (CommonApp) requires your school counselor to submit the School Forms. You must submit the counselor email correctly to the CommonApp form.  Please see correct email addresses for each counselor below.  After submission, it is your responsibility to make sure your counselor has received the request. In addition to the school forms, your counselor will write you a comprehensive recommendation if you provide a resume immediately after the submission.  This should happen as early as possible, but not less than two weeks before the due date of your first college deadline. 

    How do I ask a teacher for a LOR?

    Teachers also appreciate early notice of a request for a Letter of Recommendation and also require a resume.  Always follow-up with a thank-you to any teacher who has been gracious enough to sing your praises!  Each school is different in what they require for LOR.  Some schools require none, while some require 3 different teachers. Please be conscious of this when inviting teachers on the CommonApp.