Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit Options

  • 1 - 2 - Free Montana

    One-Two-Free offers two tuition-free dual enrollment courses, up to six credits, from participating Montana University System colleges to all eligible high school students. The classes can be on-campus, online, or in your high school. For more information, visit: https://mus.edu/one-two-free/

    Dual Credit at HHS 
    Hellgate High School offers dual credit (high school credit and college credit) for courses taught in our building:
    • IB Math A & I Year 2
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Design Project 1-DDSN113: Technical Drafting
      Design Project 2-DDSN114: Intro to CAD
    • Accounting 1
    • Intro to Business
    • IB Sports Exercise Science
    • Intro to Public Health
    Please see your teacher to discuss the dual credit option.
    Early to College Dual Enrollment at University of Montana or Missoula College
    If you are a junior or senior and are in good standing, have enough credits to meet graduation requirements, and you wish to take a course at the University of Montana or Missoula College, consider the Early to College Dual Enrollment option. Once you have chosen your course and completed and turned in the paperwork, please meet with your counselor.
    For more information about Early to College Dual Enrollment, visit the University of Montana website.