Hellgate High School Counseling

  • HHS Counselors are split amongst the alphabet and stay with their students for all of high school. They provide social and emotional support; post-secondary exploration and planning; and academic planning and support. They also support students who Blue Card and participate on Student Assistance Teams.  

    What are the roles of the counselors at Hellgate?

    • Provide social and emotional support for students

    • Present School Counseling Curriculum to students

    • Provide Academic planning and support 

    • Provide information on post-secondary opportunities

    • Support students who choose to Blue Card

    • Provide short-term personal counseling for students

    • Collaborate with parents/guardians and teachers to support student success

    • Facilitate referrals to community support service
    • Participate on Student Assistance Team (SAT)

    Why should parents contact a school counselor?

    • Concerns over student achievement
    • Referral for testing services
    • Discussing the special needs of their child
    • Family difficulties or concerns

    Parents should e-mail or call their students' school counselor to schedule a phone conference, virtual meeting or an appointment.

    Please view our Upcoming Events Calendar  to find out about upcoming Post-Secondary opportunities.

    Suicide Hotline Dial #988



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