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  • The IB Diploma is internationally recognized by universities and organizations as a rigorous and valuable pathway out of high school. At many colleges, including UM and MSU, students who successfully complete the IB Diploma are admitted with 30 credits, placing them at sophomore standing. 

    A simple search of your college of interest + IB credit will take you to a page on their website that outlines credit given for both individual IB courses and the Diploma.

    This document offers a snapshot of acceptance rates at top-rated colleges for IB students.



    To complete the IB Diploma Programme students must:

    • Complete course and exam requirements in six IB subjects 

    • Complete Theory of Knowledge 1 Semester 2 of their Junior Year

    • Complete Theory of Knowledge 2 Semester 1 of their Senior Year

    • Complete the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Project

    • Complete the Extended Essay (EE) on a topic of their choice and guided by a staff member

    Exam Requirements

    IB Diploma students will complete a combination of six courses and exams at either the Standard Level (SL) or the Higher Level (HL). A minimum of three exams must be taken at the Higher Level, with a maximum of four tests taken at the Higher Level. Students may sit for two tests at the Standard Level during their Junior Year to alleviate some of the testing that is required. 


    Extended Essay

    The Extended Essay is a 3,000 to 4,000 word essay on a topic of the student’s choice.  The essay requires students to engage in original research similar to the experience that students will have in higher education. The process is guided by a mentor teacher here at Hellgate. 

    A full description of the Extended Essay can be found here.


    CAS Project

    The CAS project is an opportunity for students to help their community, and themselves, explore something that they are passionate about.  The project requires reflections that will need to be submitted that will include evidence of the project.

    A full description of the CAS Project can be found here.



    If you are interested in the IB Diploma, please schedule a meeting with Kye.