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  • IB Courses

    Juniors and seniors at Hellgate have the opportunity to take International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. Like AP, these offer students a challenge and potential college credit. All IB courses function out of the guiding principles outlined in the IB Learner Profile. 


    By engaging in IB courses, students are given the chance to be:

    • Inquireres                 •Thinkers                      •Principled                     •Caring                     •Balanced

    • Knowledgable          •Communicators         •Open-Minded              •Risk-Takers             •Reflective


    Currently, we offer the following options:

    IB Language and Literature HL (Higher Level)              IB History HL

    IB Spanish SL (Standard Level) or HL                              IB French SL

    IB Math Applications and Interpretation                        IB Music SL

    IB Philosophy SL                                                                  IB Economics SL

    Theory of Knowledge                                                         IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL or HL

    Students are welcome to enroll in any of the courses listed above, keeping in mind that there are prerequisites in some cases. More information about this can be found here.