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  • At Hellgate, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) options at all grade levels.

    To take an AP class, students need to be sure that they have completed any prerequisites and then register for the class. These are honors-level courses that may result in college credit if the student registers for the AP exam and earns a passing score.

    AP exams are not required coursework and it is important to note that college credit in exchange for an AP exam varies depending on the institution. An easy way to see if your college of interest takes AP credit and the scores that are necessary, simply look up the name of the college along with the words "AP credit" and you should be routed to a page containing that information.

    Here's a list of AP courses currently available at Hellgate: 

    ENGLISH: AP Seminar

    MATH: AP Statistics, AP Calculus

    SCIENCE: AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology


    ART: 2D, 3D

    SOCIAL STUDIES: Human Geography, World History

    More information about AP courses can be found here and you can access Hellgate's AP (and IB!) course listings with prerequisites here. Click on the circle at the bottom of the page that says "AP & IB".