2020 HOSA State Competition
  • HOSA State conference updates: 

    The Hellgate HOSA club 2019-20 has continued to expand in our numbers and exceed previous years’ energy and excitement as we entered the State competitions this year.  We had 10 members qualify for the state competition this year in 7 events. For most events Students had to pre-test and place in the top 10 for events in the state competition. HOSA State took place in Helena this March, and the teams were amazing.  This is our 4th year of Hellgate HOSA, and each year continues to grow from the previous. Thanks to all who support the club and kids, and a special thanks to Hellgate Key Club. We could not do this without you. Congratulations to these students and all of their hard work!!!  

    The following Students tested and qualified for State competitions:

    Sports Medicine:

    Jack Mitchell-Robohm - Silver Medal 

    Lukas Horesji

    Veterinary Science

    Mila McKay- Silver Medal

    Physical Therapy: 

    Mikhaila Janes - Silver Medal


    Ashley Kim - Gold Medal

    Health Career Photography: 

    Sasha Henry

    HOSA Bowl: 

    Jack Mitchell-Robohm; Ostara Alrescha; Mila McKay; Ashley  Kim

    Health Education: Anti-Vaping Campaign

    Chloe Caldwell; Evan Lofink; Zhou Zhou McMurray; Maya Heffernan