Welcome to HOSA!

  • Our Hellgate HOSA chapter is one of many in the state and across the nation. Throughout the year, we do a variety of activities based on club member interests. These activites include: volunteering in the community, bringing in guest speakers, job shadowing, teaching younger kids, and training activities (1st Aid, CPR, Athletic training skills),fundraising for our state competition.  Each year is a bit different. We tend to work in 2 month blocks based on membership interests in these topics. 

    When do we meet?

    We meet every Monday at lunch in Ms. Parchen’s room-390.

    Members of HOSA are people who are interested in health-related occupations, community service and learning more about health professions.

    If it sounds like you’d fit in, come join us. Anyone is welcome, anytime of year.   

    Membership Info

    Membership in HOSA offers access to some great opportunities for both local, statewide and national programs.  The past two years, we have had virtual events for both State competitions and National competitions.  The focus of the club is determined by the interests of the membership each year, and we then move forward to build on those interests with a mix of educational resources and materials. 

    Each year Hellgate HOSA has had students participate in local activities; compete in the State competition, and the past 2 years we have competed at the National conference.  Conferences are not just competition, but much more like training events for future job interests.  It is a great way to meet other students who have similar interests and have fun at the same time.  

    National HOSA Mission and Purpose

    Mission: The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students. Therefore, helping the students meet the needs of the health care community.

    Purpose: The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program.