Club Officers

  • HOSA Board of Officers

    HOSA is a student-run leadership/ service club.  Each Fall we vote in a Board of Officers to guide our group through the coming school year.  Within the cohort of Board members, we organize committees under the guidance of a veteran member leader for action throughout the year.  Each year, the Board of officers also chooses a leader (chairperson) for the club to keep us organized and promote our programs.  

    If you would like to join us and be part of our committees, please come to room 390 @ lunch on Mondays. 


    Community Service/ Teaching - This group works collaboratively to promote ideas of how we can interact in the community based on member ideas and interest. This could include teaching units to middle school students; service projects; or other outreach ideas within our school or the community of Missoula.

    Fundraising for Events: The club starts with some money from previous years' fundraising efforts; most of our fundraising is dedicated to lettering pins at the end of the year; quesadilla parties during the year; and some money to go toward getting our members to the State conference. 

    Guest Speakers and Club Education: This group is in charge of connecting with guest speakers, scheduling them and helping to plan the process of what topics we as a club want to learn more about.  Sometimes this connects with our outreach program, sometimes it is simply member interest in future careers. 

    Other committees as needed to guide our year can be added.