• Support our band students 

    The following is a list of critical and immediate educational needs that can enhance our band program. If you can help us purchase any of these items, email Mr. Dochnahl. jedochnahl@mcpsmt.org
    Another way to help Big Sky Band students is to make a tax-deductible donation to Big Sky Bands.
    1. Uniforms
      • Dress pants - ca $1125 ($25 each)
      • Dress shirts - ca $280 ($14 each)
      • Bow ties - any amount helps
      • Tuxedo jackets - ca $3300 ($55 each)
    2. Scholarship Fund for hard-working students that need help getting private lessons or making a trip payment (usually $25 per lesson)
    3. Clarinet mouthpieces - Vandoren M30 13 Series - $85 each (4 needed)
    4. Baritone Saxophone jazz mouthpiece - Vandoren V16 B7 - $260
    5. Tuba mouthpieces - $79 each (4 needed)
    6. 4 Brass Sousaphones -  about $5000 each (used)
    7. 32" Remo Renaissance Hazy Timpani Head acquired 2021 with Band Parent Org Fundraising
    8. 15 practice drum pads, $20 each acquired 2020 with help from MEF Classroom Grant
    9. Music Library Storage System
    10. Music Folders replaced (up to 40 of these black beauties, locally sourced)
    11. Replacement Flip Folders for marching/pep band - $1000
    12. New Music - The concert and jazz programs are in need of music to study and perform. The cost of a selection averages $55-$100. You could sponsor a specific composition!
    13. Mission to Commission Project - $5000 to pay a professional composer every other year to write meaningful music specifically for Big Sky students. In 2020 we commissioned Naomi Siegel and Nick Barr to write for our concert bands.
    Partial Donations are also appreciated!
    Thank you! - Big Sky Band Students