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  • Returning Band Stuff

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 5/13/2020
    How to Return Band Stuff
    1. When:  
      1. Seniors return items on Monday, May 18, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
      2. 9-11th grade, return items Monday, June 1, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
      3. Drive up – drop-off station set up near main entrance at the front loop
    2. You Must Turn In:
      1. Full Uniform (in garment bag)
      2. Folder with sheet music/books
      3. School instruments and accessories
    3. If you need a separate date scheduled, let me know, and we'll work something out.
    4. If you'd like to keep your school-rental instrument over the summer (which is awesome!!!), send me an email so I can prepare a rental form. You will need to arrange a cleaning/repair appointment with Music Medics sometime during the summer.
    5. The school will take care of cleaning uniforms and school-instruments over the summer.
    6. If you need anything from the band room, please let me know so that I can have it ready when you drop off your band items.
    I appreciate so much your help returning everything successfully. And in case you're wondering, yes, I expect to spend my whole summer sorting your music and uniforms. Yipee!
    Reach out with any questions and concerns. We’re in this together! -Doc
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  • Band Plan for Remote Learning

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 4/11/2020
    Hey Band!
    Check your google classroom every Monday for the week's assignment. It's also emailed and on the Q Portal. Remember to complete the Progress Check In each Friday.

    I appreciate your shared recipes so far--delicious! If you haven't already, add yours at the google classroom's cookbook assignment.

    Google Hangout Meet

    To enter your meeting, go to your Google Classroom, click the Meet link listed below at your scheduled time. Download this google extension, Grid View, before you join, please.

    Tuesdays, Google Hangout Schedule

    • 1st Period, 9:00 AM - Symphonic Band (advanced)
    • 3rd Period, 12:00 PM - Percussion Ensemble

    Wednesdays, Google Hangout Schedule

    • Zero Period, 8:00 AM - Jazz Band 2
    • 6th Period, 9:30 AM - Wind Ensemble
    • 7th Period, 12:00 PM - Music Technology
    • 8th Period, 1:30 PM - Jazz Band 1


    If there’s any way I can support you better during this challenging time, please let me know. Reach out with any questions and concerns​. I am available to chat with you online via google hang (email me) as well as give lessons for free (just ask!).  We’re in this together!

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  • Band Plan for April 6-10, 2020

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 4/6/2020
    Hey Band! I hope you are all doing well.  
    Carefully read this week's band assignmentIt's also emailed, posted on your google classroom and the Q Portal.

    While any online format will never replace the amazing things we do collectively in person, I hope you will join me in approaching this opportunity to grow and expand our minds and spirits! As always, reach out with any questions and concerns. I am available to chat with you online via google hang as well as give lessons (just ask!).  We’re in this together! Shine bright this week!

    Finally, if you do not have an instrument or your music, please email me NOW NOW NOW!

    P.S. I'm working to provide All-State audition examples, like the saxophone playlist below, to help you practice! See this week's assignment for more.


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  • Spring, 2020

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 3/22/2020
    UPDATE March 30, 2020

    Let's chat in real time with Google Hangout (I suspect you'll need to be logged in to your Google Account). This is not required but can be used for a quick check-in with me and your classmates. Ask questions, see face to face examples, share your ideas, or just say hi.  I hope to see you either Tuesday or Wendesday! -Mr. Dochnahl

    Fun Video for your day.

    Tuesday, 3/31 Google Hangout Schedule

    • 1st Period, 8:00 AM - Symphonic Band (advanced)
    • 3rd Period, 12:00 PM - Percussion Ensemble

    Wednesday, 4/1 Google Hangout Schedule

    • Zero Period, 7:30 AM - Jazz Band 2
    • 6th Period, 9:30 AM - Wind Ensemble
    • 7th Period, 12:00 PM - Music Technology
    • 8th Period, 1:30 PM - Jazz Band 1

    UPDATE March 29, 2020
    Hey Band!

    I hope you are all doing well. Carefully read this week's lesson plan to get started on our band plans for distance learning. It's also posted on your google classroom and on the Q Portal.

    While any online format will never replace the amazing things we do collectively in person, I hope you will join me in approaching this opportunity to grow and expand our minds and spirits! As always, reach out with any questions and concerns. I am available to chat with you online via google hang as well as give lessons (just ask!).  We’re in this together!

    If you do not have an instrument, please email me NOW!

    Dear band family,
    Wow, to say that I miss you all is a severe understatement. I was getting more and more excited to share your collective work towards a number of projects, especially District Music Festival. I'm still super optimistic; we will be able to get back together soon and share in the process of listening, rehearsing, unifying, creating, and presenting excellence TOGETHER. I don't think I've ever been more aware of how vital community is to what we all do. I miss you all deeply and hope that we can come back together very soon!
    During this unique time, every music teacher in our amazing district is committed to creating engaging creative, collaborative projects to continue our individual growth and collective work together. AND check this out: my wife is a published researcher on the positive effects of making music on the immune system. Playing your instrument is comprehensively positive, on so many levels!
    As usual, I will keep our updates on the online newsletter.  I know that every student should be up and running on the google classroom due to past performance assessments, but just in case, I have the classroom codes posted below.  I'd also love it if parents joined your google classroom. Join us!
    ANYONE WITHOUT AN INSTRUMENT OR MUSIC at home needs to visit Big Sky on Monday, March 23, (UPDATE: also Friday, March 27) to pick-up these essential elements for our collective work together.  
    1. You will need your instrument (percussionists - mallets/sticks). 
    2. You will need your Scales/Rudiments/Sight Reading Book or Packet (depending on your band).
    3. You will need an All-State audition packet of materials for your instrument (available on google classroom to print if you don't have it already) 
    4. You will need access to a computer/phone and internet service to complete our online assignments.
    If you do not have any of these four elements, it is important that you observe the MCPS schedule for pick-up.
    I will submit a "Check-in" assignment via Google Classroom on Tuesday, March 24.  Please do your best to turn in that assignment to ensure everyone in the band is engaged for future projects together.  If you do not check in through Classroom, I will do my best to make contact by email or phone.  Thank you in advance for making every effort to make this format work for every band student.
    Google Class Codes:
    Percussion Ensemble - Class Code : h2f67aq
    Symphonic Band (advanced) - Class Code: mz4d5xz
    Wind Ensemble - Class Code: fygo7ak
    Jazz Bands - Class Code: 3ufn2ii
    Keep your eyes open for new assignments starting next week, March 30. We will have ongoing, fun, and doable projects related to our usual independent growth, in addition to creative and collaborative projects. I look forward to sharing a few ideas with you!
    I miss each and every one of you! Take care, be safe, and please keep in touch. Let me know how I can help.
    -Mr. Dochnahl
    P.S. - MHSA has canceled all District Music Festival participation (as scheduled currently).  ALL normally scheduled District Festival participation is canceled until further notice (please do not meet with your accompanist until gatherings are approved by National Health Officials).

    Jesse Dochnahl


    Big Sky High School Bands


    Playing an instrument benefits your brain!

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  • February 29, 2020

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 2/29/2020

    It's a busy time of year for the band world, but the students have been inspiring, focused, determined, kind, and hilarious! Keep it up -- we can do amazing things that positively impact the rest of your life. -Mr. D

     Wind Ensemble AA Band Festival, @Hellgate HS, March 2-3
    • All day March 2 and 3. Concerts both nights at 7:00 PM at Hellgate HS Auditorium.
    • View the schedule. Be sure to note departure times and additional logistics.Symphonic Band, please attend the concerts on Monday and Tuesday. You'll be inspired, without question!
    Blue Note Cafe, March 7
    Visit the previous post for all details regarding our biggest and funnest fundraiser of the year, Blue Note Cafe. See you there! Add your photos to our shared Big Sky Band Photo Album. Thank you!
    UM Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival, March 12 (All Day)


    District Music Festival, April 1-4, 2020

    It's time to focus on District Music Festival, which is a time-honored, required foundation for improving and demonstrating personal music skills. District music festivals are provided by the MHSA across the state and provide the only forum in Montana where large ensembles, small groups, and solos are adjudicated for a rating. The rewards and experiences of preparing a solo and small ensemble for an adjudicated performance are off the charts! Band students that participate each year embody the drive for excellence that makes Big Sky so much better. And please enourage your musician to prepare an ensemble and/or solo for April 6. We will focus on District preparations in immediately after our Band Festival performances next week.

    District Music Festival week at a glance

    1. Wednesday, April 1, 7:00 pm - Pre-District Band Concert at Big Sky
      • This is our chance to perform our District Festival music for our favorite audience - parents!
      • All Bands:  both Jazz Bands, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and small groups.
      • Standard concert uniform
      • Set-Up Crew at 3:10 pm. We need everyone to help set up for your concert. Thank you.
    2. Thursday, April 2 - District Festival Performances at Big Sky
      • Bring your concert uniform to school Thursday morning.
      • Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will perform for MHSA judges in the afternoon at Big Sky.
      • Performance Schedule:  Symphonic Band performs at 1:00 PM. Wind Ensemble at 1:45 PM. Call time is 30 minutes prior to performance time.
      • All parents are welcome to join us for these performances.
    3. Friday, April 3, 11:00 am - Set-up Crew for Solo/Ensemble District Festival at Big Sky
      • Big Sky is hosting Instrumental/Vocal Solo & Ensemble Festival on Sat, April 4. 
      • We NEED 15 dedicated workers to set up about 20 rooms. 
      • We NEED 15 dedicated workers to tear down Saturday night at 4:30 PM.
    4. Saturday, April 4 - PERFORMANCES! Solos and Small Ensemble District Festival at Big Sky
      • Make sure you have an original for your judge. You and your group/accompanist can use copies. 
      • Dress nicely, like you would for a job interview. 
      • Introduce yourself, your school, your piece and composer, and your accompanist.
      • Good luck and thank you for performing! You ROCK!
      • Performance Schedule TBA.


    Solo and Ensemble Music Festival Guidelines and Reminders

    All students are encouraged to participate in solo and ensemble District Festival, April 4. Students should have already started looking for a solo or ensemble to participate in contest. Check the timeline and guidelines from the Band Handbook, page 9, for tips, and email me with any questions (as always). Here are some major benchmarks:

    • By now, all small groups (ensembles) should rehearse at least one day a week for one hour outside of class.
    • Soloists, complete at least three rehearsals with your accompanist
    • Register your events for District Festival with Mr. Dochnahl before Spring Break
    • Solos and ensembles perform for class and/or in Spring Festival Concert


    Jazz Band 1 at the Top Hat, Friday, April 3!
    Jazz 1 received an invitation to play at the Top Hat for their Family Friendly Friday series, 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Please mark your calendars and tell everyone. This will be amazingly positive exposure for our Big Sky musicians in the broader Missoula community (it's also a First Friday). 
    • SPREAD THE WORD! Facebook link
    • Jazz Band - Uniform is New Black T-shirt and jeans. Call time is 5:15PM at Top Hat. Moving crew is at 3:30 PM and immediately after the gig.


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  • Blue Note Cafe Fundraiser!

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 1/27/2020

    Blue Note Cafe' Fundraiser!

    The Blue Note Cafe’ is our annual showcase and fundraiser featuring live jazz, a silent auction, and dessert. Proceeds benefit all band students at BSHS. 

    • Saturday, March 7
    • Big Sky’s Main Gym
    • Doors open 6:30 PM, Live Music 7:00-9:00 PM
    • Performances by the Big Sky Bands program
    • Silent Auction and Raffle with music and dessert
    • Proceeds benefit ALL band students
    • Share this event on Facebook
    • Sign up for tasks
    • Get donations

    blue note cafe

    1. Donations! We are currently seeking items for our silent auction and raffle. Monetary donations are also welcome. All donations are tax deductible and directly benefit student travel and/or the band program. Here’s a flyer to use and share.
      • Contact with donation information.
      • Get creative - use your connections--friends, family, and business.
      • Send letters and emails (template)
      • Auction/Raffle Examples:  Services (from auto to beauty), gift cards (ski rentals, portrait shoots), and items (art, crafts, etc).
      • A donation could be an item such as electronic equipment, sports equipment, household goods, a service (car repair, detailing, oil change, etc; window washing, painting, lawn work, house maintenance, cleaning services, tax preparation) a ticket to an event, a meal, a night’s stay, an art piece……..basically anything you can think of that would appeal to a raffle ticket buyers and would sell tickets.
      • Students, this is your gig. Get out there and work your magic with businesses!
    2. Sell Tickets:  100% of ticket money goes directly to your student band activity account. Sell sell sell!
      • Tickets will be available for sale at $10 each. All band students are responsible for selling six tickets ($60 profit!), but that's just the minimum. Sell more to earn more.
      • Ticket earnings and stubs must be given to Mr. Dochnahl. Deposit in band lock box along with deposit slip.
      • Unsold tickets must be returned by Monday, March 9
      • SPREAD THE WORD by selling tickets to everyone you know.
      • Here’s our Facebook Events link
    3. Student workers (required for all band/percussion students)


    With your help, this will be awesome! -Doc

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  • January 6, 2020

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 1/5/2020

    Hello Band Family,

    It's our first newsletter of the decade! Thank you for staying in touch, and please don't hesitate to contact me with questions. We're in this together! We can all achieve excellence through dedication.

    We have a few major changes to the Events Schedule. Even if we plan a year in advance, new activities get added to the busy district calendar, which I have no control over. So, like any great musician, we will be flexible and responsive to the changes. Thank you so much for working with the new dates, marking your calendars, and communicating well in advance with any questions. -Mr. Dochnahl
    Updates and Changes to Events Calendar
    Blue Note Cafe' - March 7, 2020
    Due to the unforseen scheduling of State Speech and Debate in Bozeman, we need to move our big annual fundraiser another date. We are tentatively planning on Saturday, March 7. More details to come once the date and location are confirmed. Thanks for your flexibiltiy!
    Wind Ensemble Fly-Up Day Concert January 14, 2020
    Due to a basketball game scheduled at the time of our concert, we will now involve the 8th grade guests with our pep band at the game. This incredible day features a Wind Ensemble rehearsal with about 100 guest 8th graders from Porter, Desmet, Target Range, and Hellgate Schools sitting side-by-side. Printed below is the schedule for the day.
    • 8:30 AM - Wind Ensemble meets in the band room. Help 8th grade get to their assigned seats.
    • 8:45 AM - Introductions, meet BSHS student leaders, discuss rehearsal expectations and plan
      • 9:00-9:45 Sectional with BSHS leaders in assigned areas (TBD)
      • 9:55 Full Rehearsal with 2019 Fly Up Mass Band
    • 11:00-11:45 am - Lunch together in cafeteria (Big Sky will provide pizza, cups for water)
    • 11:50 AM - Return to band room and prepare for concert
    • 12:00 PM - Informal Concert featuring Fly Up Mass Band. All are invited.
    • 6:00 PM - 8th graders are invited to play with the BSHS Pep Band at a basketball game vs Capital. We need every BSHS band member in attendance to play the game! Dinner will be provided.
    Jazz Colaboration Concert - Now January 29
    Due to changes in the administration's calendar for 8th grade visits at both Big Sky and Hellgate, the MCPS Jazz Programs has to move the annual Jazz Colaboration Concert to Wednesday, January 29, at Hellgate High School Auditorium. Again, I'm sorry for the change due to unforseen circumstances. Sometimes planning ahead is helpful... sometimes not.
    MCPS Outreach Tour - Now January 31

    Student Achievements:  All-State Jazz Band Selection

    Be sure to congratulate the following students for representing Big Sky at the 2nd Montana All-State Jazz Band in Billings, January 16-18. They were selected through an audition process to perform with Montana's best jazz students and the University of Oregon's Director of Jazz Studies, Steve Owen. Congratulations to these amazing students!

    • Grace Daniel, trombone
    • Connor Stineford, trombone
    • Jack Van Tine, alto saxophone
    • Gabe Lippy, baritone saxophone (alternate)
    Band Parent Meeting
    Parents, please consider joining us at our next Band Parent Organization meetings. Thank you in advance for going the extra mile to promote, support, and fund raise for all our band students. And if you haven't already, visit our Facebook page, and add pics to our Big Sky Band Photo Album.
    1. Thursday, January 9, 2020, 6:00 PM in the band room
    2. Thursday, January 23, 2020, 6:00 PM in the band room
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  • December 2, 2019

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 12/2/2019 2:00:00 PM

    Thank you so much for staying on top of all things band. As always, please check the Events page and Band Handbook for more program info.

    If you practice, you get better.

    If you get better, you play with better players.

    If you play with better players, you play better music.

    If you play better music, you have more fun.

    If you have fun, you want to practice more.

    If you practice more, you get better...

    Big Sky Band
    Pep Band Begins
    Pep Band season is upon us! Check out the pep band schedule for the winter season, which includes rehearsals, games, and general details about Pep Band. Our goal is to sound strong and represent the Big Sky Bands EVERY TIME we perform.  Plus, it’s more fun with you. Bottom line…..WE NEED YOU!!!
    Winter Bands Concert, December 11
    I can't wait to share our first full band program concert on Wednesday, December 11, 7:00PM, in the Big Sky Main Gym.  Call time for students is 6:30pm. Please review the concert expectations (uniform, etiquette, etc) in the Band Handbook.
    • Call time is 6:30 pm, Big Sky band room
    • Concert will take place in the main gym (while the auditorium is being renovated
    • Set up crew (students) needed for Wednesday immediately after school. Everyone needs to chip in to help.
    • Concert tear-down crew:  After celebrating with some post-concert treats, everyone needs to stick around after the show to put all equipment away
    • Double check uniform parts and pieces
      • Concert Uniform (men)
        • Black dress shoes and socks
        • Black dress pants
        • White dress shirt
        • Bowtie
        • Blue-black Jacket – provided
      • Concert Uniform (women):  Concert Dress already checked out, black dress shoes or flats
    • Practice daily!
    Holiday Mall Performances
    Each year the shoppers at Southgate Mall are delighted with the wonderful sounds of live holiday music presented by a variety of musical ensembles. Many of these ensembles are special to the Missoula community. All musicians, 6th grade and up, are invited to participate in their instrument specific ensemble. Information fliers regarding the rehearsals, performances and contact info for each ensemble are in the band room. Hope to see you at each show! All mall events take place near the old Herbergers entrance across from Red Robin.
    • All Clarinets and Saxophones, December 3, 7pm (practice 4:00-5:30pm at Sentinel's band room)
    • Holiday Horns, December 9, 6pm (no rehearsal, arrive at 5:45)
    • Festive Flutes, December 9, 7pm (no rehearsal, arrive at 6:30)
    • Tuba Christmas, December 13, 7pm (for all aspiring tuba and euphonium students, practice 4:00-5:30pm at the Mall)
    • Double Reeds Christmas (oboe & bassoon), December 16, 6:00pm
    • Missoula All-City Jazz Concert, Thursday, December 19, 7:00 PM, at the Downtown Dance Collective (FREE)


    Citrus Delivery sometime between December 9-13
    Our citrus orders will be delivered to Big Sky between December 9-13. I'll send an alert as soon as I learn the exact date from the citrus company. We need as many volunteers as possible to help unload and sort!
    Coffee Fundraiser Sales Due Dec 6
    Big Sky band is selling Hunter Bay Coffee. Sell as much as you can! Think of our next band adventure. The money you raise goes directly towards your individual student band account. Thank you!
    • Sale Ends December 6
    • ALL MONEY IS DUE at the time of the order.
    • Delivery:  before winter break – Makes a great holiday gift for anyone!
    • Make checks payable to:  Big Sky Bands
    • See order sheet for pricing and coffee bean info

    Please view and share photos of your band in action by sharing adding to our Big Sky Band Photo Album for 2019-2020. Thank you!

    You made it! I appreciate everything you do. -Mr. Dochnahl

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  • November 3, 2019

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 11/2/2019

    Introducing Ms. Lexi Vine, UM Teacher Candidate
    We are so pleased to have Ms. Vine from UM join us for the next 7 weeks at Big Sky! She will be developing her teaching chops with us by co-teaching all band and music tech classes. Her additional instruction will certainly help all of us improve as musicians and teammates. Please take a moment to read this introductory letter to students and parents.

    Hello, Big Sky band students and parents! My name is Lexi Vine, and I will be student teaching with Mr. Dochnahl for the remainder of the semester. I look forward to working with students in Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, and Music Technology.
    I grew up in Missoula and attended Big Sky High School. As a student, I participated in Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band. Music was my favorite activity, and I always looked forward to the next rehearsal.
    When not playing music, I enjoy drawing, painting, and graphics design.
    I’m eager to make music with students and help them develop an appreciation for it!

    Band Parent Organization Meeting
    Thursday, November 14, 7:00 PM in the band room (immediately after Parent/Teacher conferences)

    Tips for a successful 2nd Quarter

    1. Sign up for Private Lessons - What could be a better gift for the holidays! WHY? Check the Band Handbook for a directory, or email me!
    2. Build myelin by practicing every day. Maintain a practice log/journal. On days you do not have band class, you are expected to practice! Playing twice per week in class simply won’t help you grow.
    3. Accrue Musicianship Points through diverse, enriching activities outside of class. 
    4. Attend class EVERY DAY. Absences and tardies have been proven over and over to have a negative impact on learning.
    5. Regularly check the Events schedule.
    6. Turn in homework (play tests, written assignments) on time. Check Google Classroom and Q weekly.
    7. Demonstrate exceptional Ensemble Skills (rehearsal etiquette) every day during class. Help everyone in our shared purpose!
    8. Listen to excellent music and musicians daily. Document your active-listening sessions for points.
    9. View and share photos of your band in action by sharing adding to our Big Sky Band Photo Album for 2019-2020. Thank you!


    'Tis the season of concerts all over Missoula. Be sure to check, and the Fine Arts calendar for all the live music available this month. Don't miss the valuable opportunities to listen and perform in our community!

    Student Achievements!

    Congratulations to Grace Daniel, trombone, for representing Montana at the 2019 Western International Band Clinic in Seattle, November 16-18. She was selected through an audition process to perform with students and master-conductors from all over the world, including Australia, England, and China.

    Ethan Haagenson, alto saxophone, was selected to perform with the 1st Annual Gonzaga Honor Band in Spokane, WA. He will perform at Gonzaga University on November 16, 7pm, at the Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center.

    Congratulations to this year's UM All-Star Band members:  Isaac Dosier, Savannah Holgate, Zadia Hughes, Paisley Ivanovitch, Ben Hirning, Grace Daniel, Jaden Tooke, and Maisey Manhan! The 2019 UM All-Star Band, a selective experience for high school students from across the Northwest US and Canada, performs with acclaimed composer, Brian Balmages, on November 10, 12:00 PM, in the Dennison Theater.

    And a huge congratulations to Jaden Tooke, tuba:  Jaden will join the “best of the best” for the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) 2019 All-National Honor Band November 7–10, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. Jaden was selected among the most elite high school musicians in the U.S to perform with the 2019 All-National Honor Ensembles. Learn more.
    Please help me congratulate these hard working students for going above and beyond. Be sure to ask them about their experiences so that you can follow in their footsteps next time!
    Veterans Day Performance Opportunity for Wind Ensemble
    Monday, November 11, Big Sky is invited, once again, to play at the Village Senior Residence for their annual Veterans Day Ceremony. We need Wind Ensemble members, especially flute, clarinet, bassoon, euphonium, and horn. It's a simple but powerful volunteer opportunity. Sign up with Dochnahl and pick up your music later this week. Here's the schedule for Monday, Nov 11.
    • Lunchtime, rehearsal of music (mandatory)
    • 1:30pm, depart Big Sky on bus for Village Senior Residence
    • 2:00pm, perform anthem, marches of the armed forces, and taps (trumpet solo)
    • 2:40pm, return to Big Sky via bu
    • Please dress nicely for the event. Nice collared shirts, slacks, skirts/dresses, etc.


    Sousa Clinic for Wind Ensemble
    On Tuesday, Nov 5, the Wind Ensemble has the opportunity to work with Sousa expert Keith Brion. Mr. Brion is the conductor of the New Sousa Band that performs Sousa classics in the original style of the John Philip Sousa Band. He will be the guest conductor for the Missoula Community Concert Band big show on Monday, Nov 4, 7:30pm, at the Missoula Community Theater.

    Remember:  You are part of this family. This group is special. We have high standards here. I believe all of you can reach those standards.

    Thank you everyone for helping each other through this early winter season! Better people make better bands.

    All for now,
    Mr. Dochnahl

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  • October 15, 2019

    Posted by Jesse Dochnahl on 10/15/2019

    Hey Band Family!

    As always, please check the Events page and Band Handbook for more program info. 

    Reminders and Notes

    • Students, document your Musicianship Points through diverse, enriching activities outside of class. Turn them in, along with all practice sheets, etc, each grading period (first one is due November 1).
    • Band Parents, our next Band Parent Orgination meeting: Thursday, November 14, 2019, 7:00 PM in the band room. To learn more about the organization and how you can help, please visit their page.
    • View and share photos of your band in action by sharing adding to our Big Sky Band Photo Album for 2019-2020. Thank you!
    Citrus Fundraiser
    Big Sky music is selling the best citrus fruit available in Montana. Order forms will be handed out in class (more are available).  Picked fresh only days before delivery, this is the BEST, Grade A citrus available in all of Montana. Sell as much as you can. The money you raise goes directly towards your individual student band account for trips, lessons, etc.
    • Sale October 14 - October 29

    • ALL MONEY IS DUE at the time of the order.

    • Delivery:  between December 9-13

    • Make checks payable to:  Big Sky Bands

    Upcoming Events

    Jazz Bands Concert -- Wednesday, October 23, 7:00 PM
    Come support and celebrate Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 students as they perform alongside jazz bands from Hellgate and Sentinel.
    • Concert is at Hellgate High School Auditorium
    • Call time is 6:15 pm, Hellgate band room
    • Concert attire (tux with white shirt, all black for ladies)
    Jazz Concert Checklist for Students
    • Uniform! Check the band handbook
    • Music with folder, accessories (extra reeds, neckstrap, valve oil, etc)
    • Drummers:  sticks, mallets, music
    • Bassists:  Instrument, patch cables, amp
    • Water bottle
    Concert featuring Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble -- Wednesday, October 30 at Big Sky
    Concert Band Season begins! All member of the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band (band advanced), and Percussion Ensemble will perform music that they've rehearsed since marching season wrapped up.
    • Call time is 6:30 pm, Big Sky band room
    • Concert will take place in the main gym (while the auditorium is being renovated)
    • Concert Uniform will be checked out to all students prior to the concert (please see band handbook for reference)
    • Set up crew (students) needed for Wednesday immediately after school. Everyone needs to chip in to help.
    • Concert tear-down crew:  After celebrating with some post-concert treats, everyone needs to stick around after the show to put all equipment away.
    Concert Checklist for Students
    • Uniform! Check the band handbook
    • Music with folder, accessories (extra reeds, neckstrap, valve oil, etc)
    • Percussion:  all instruments, sticks, mallets, music, music stand, trap table, all ready to go
    • Patch cables and amps for guitar/bass
    • Black dress shoes with black socks, plus the official concert uniform checked out to you for the year
    • Water bottle


    Marching Uniforms Returned
    All marching band uniforms should have been checked in by now. As soon as the jackets get back from the cleaners--next week sometime--we will distribute concert uniforms to everyone. Thank you to everyone for taking great care of your important, valuable uniform.
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